NoCo FM produces a number of original shows from our studios in Fort Collins, Colorado. All of our original programming premieres on the live radio stream first and is released as a podcast the following day.

2 Dudes and a Chick

Sex and RelationshipsSociety and Culture
Airs Live on Sundays · Podcast Mondays

Two dudes and one chick giving you the real about Black living in the suburbs. Every Sunday, Dr. IJ, Priest D, and Tiffany wax about relationships, gender politics, and sex in the modern world.

Boys Built Better

Airs Live on Tuesdays · Podcast Wednesdays

Hi! I'm Jessica.

I’m a mom to three boys, who is trying to figure out how to raise decent humans while staying sane at the same time.

This show started as the resource I needed to raise my own boys.  I was constantly researching parenting topics but struggled to find the time to sit down and really read the information I was seeking.  At the same time, I was listening to podcasts about other topics while hanging in the carpool line.   Why not combine the two?  Boys Built Better is bringing you experts in all areas of parenting boys, from the normal everyday parenting stuff to big current day issues.  Join me! So we all can live a slightly saner life and do better for our boys, one episode at a time.


Local Music

ColoRadio is an exploration of the sights and sounds that make Colorado unique. From exclusive spotlight interviews with local musicians, artists, and creators, to curated playlists that showcase the diverse sound of the Colorado music scene, ColoRadio plugs you in to the best that our home state has to offer!

Connecting A Better World

Causes and NonprofitsTalk
Airs Live on Thursdays · Podcast Fridays

Connecting A Better World takes time to pause life to focus on social good, social entrepreneurship, and social impact. There are enough people tearing each other down and apart in relationships, business, and all over the world. It is time to STOP. Shift the focus to the people who are making a difference in this world by creating and serving others in ways they have embraced. 

On each episode, host Dr. Natalie Phillips spotlights individuals, businesses, and organizations doing good in this world with thought-provoking interviews designed to focus on the impact they are making in our community.

This show is aimed to connect people to listen, learn, and spark interest and empowerment in how they themselves see what they can bring forth to make this world a better place.

Corbin vs. The World

ComedyEclectic Music
Airs Live on Mondays · Podcast Tuesdays

Corbin vs. The World is the audio soapbox of acerbic humorist Corbin David Albaugh. Listen in every Monday as he riffs on weekly news, music, and culture while bringing you the hottest tunes of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Duckie's Funhouse LIVE

Live ShowsVariety
Airs Live on Fridays · Podcast Saturdays

Cool music and conversation from the Colorado mountains. Duckie (Chris Lanphear) plays cuts for your listening pleasure. Sometimes well-worn, sometimes deep, but always interesting.

Feminist Hotdog

Society and CultureWomen
Airs Live on Wednesdays · Podcast Thursdays
Feminist Hotdog is a news, humor and cultural survival podcast by, for and about women. We uplift everyday feminism and feminist heroes and celebrate women as an act of resistance.

Does the state of the world make you want to cry? Come hang out with the women of Feminist Hotdog. We promise not to grab you by the pussy.

NoCo FM Specials

Live Shows
Airs Live on Tuesdays · Podcast Wednesdays

An archive of special events that originally aired live on the NoCo FM radio stream.

NoCo Gaydio

Airs Live on Fridays · Podcast Saturdays

NoCo Gaydio is a music based program that has one rule and one rule only… To highlight music created by LGBTQIA+ musicians from across the world. 

"The goal for NoCo Gaydio is to spotlight these incredible artists within the LGBTQIA+ community in any and all genres to prove that the music we create is just as diverse as we are," says host KevKat Martinez.


Live Shows
Airs Live on Mondays · Podcast Tuesdays

Our weekly livestream where Charles, KevKat, and Chris talk about the week's events and whatever else is on our minds. Watch and chat with us at or listen live on the radio stream!

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Rabbit Hole Radio Theatre

Audio DramaFiction
Airs Live on Tuesdays · Podcast Wednesdays

Rabbit Hole Radio Theatre aspires to become a favored form of entertainment by nurturing the imaginations of the public through the theatre of the mind. Rabbit Hole Radio Theatre hopes to breathe new life into the art of radio theatre, as well as encourage and inspire excellence and artistic integrity in writers, performers and technicians as they explore their craft through radio theatre.

Rabbit Hole Radio Theatre is a co-production of OpenStage Theatre & Company and NoCo FM.

Season 1: Portals

The fantasy-adventure saga of Portals follows the fortunes of Allison Drake, a young artist who inherits a self-storage garage business and discovers that each unit is a doorway to a different reality. Allison and her friends are quickly drawn into a web of wonders and dangers with the fate of all realities hanging in the balance. Fascinating and strikingly original, Portals offers listeners a lush audio portrait of characters on a heroic journey of intrigue and adventure.

Rolling Misadventures

Audio DramaFictionTabletop Gaming
Airs Live on 1st and 3rd Saturdays · Podcast Sundays

Rolling Misadventures is an improvised collaborative audio fiction podcast. Originally starting as an actual play podcast using the tabletop game Fiasco, Rolling Misadventures quickly evolved by utilizing audio fiction sound design elements. This blend gives tabletop banter that most TTRPG podcasts are known for, but also sets it apart with immersive narrative scenes.

As we focus on shorter story arcs, within two episodes, this allows us to hop between multiple genres. We’ve been able to play within a wild west soap opera, an ‘80s drug heist drama, and a sci-fi future clone murder mystery. The shorter story arcs and wide range of genres means that listeners can hop in at any point.

Talk N Roll

ComedyTabletop GamingTalk
Airs Live on 2nd and 4th Saturdays · Podcast Sundays
Dungeons. Dragons. Drinks. What could possibly go wrong?

Talk N Roll is a bi-weekly show where four hosts comedically stumble through a game of Dungeons and Dragons® to tell the story of a group of adventurers lost in a world that isn't their own.

The Spark With Stephanie James

Mental HealthSelf-Improvement
Airs Live on Wednesdays · Podcast Thursdays

The Spark is a guide to living your best life. Created out of a desire to help people, each week we'll delve into interesting topics in the fields of psychology, health and wellness, motivation, and other concepts to give you tools to help spark new ideas and create a more fulfilling life.

Host Stephanie James is a practicing psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who has practiced in Northern Colorado and Wyoming for over 20 years.

Learn more at the show's official website:

The Spark™ is a registered trademark of NoCo FM.

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